Big Dog was formed out of a love for a big dog.


Fact: Most big dogs that are dropped off at shelters never make it out alive. If you take a large dog to a shelter, it will probably never make it to a permanent home. In some counties, a dog is put to sleep the moment it's dropped off due to overcrowded conditions.

Big Dog Foundation was started to prevent animal cruelty, to educate the public about the process of some shelters and the kill ratio these dogs are up against. These dogs face being gassed to death and heart stick, and some have only three days from the time they enter the shelter.

Our job here at Big Dog is to alert the public, animal rescue groups, and the media of the seriousness of the situation that these dogs face. Some have only hours, others days; either way, every day in America, innocent, healthy dogs are put to sleep. The old, the lonely, and the sick never even have a chance. Our society has created this problem and then sat back and allowed this to happen to these precious lives. Statistics show that at least two to three million dogs are put to sleep every year. Some of the methods used are beyond thought, not to mention cruel.

We know we can't save all of them, but, if you can reach out with donations, adopt a shelter or rescue pet, or spay and/or neuter your animals, you will have done something. Money is needed for rescue groups to foster these dogs. Transportation is needed nationwide. Medical care, educational programs, food, collars and the like are needed to change things and rescue these dogs. We cannot do it alone. Donations will help our operation and other rescue groups to run more smoothly and create sanctuaries and foster homes.

No donation is too small to make a difference in these dogs' lives. Give us your email address and every month, we will show you the faces of the dogs saved. On MySpace alone, hundreds of dogs a week are saved by volunteers who post and repost the faces of urgent dogs who have only days or hours before death.

Why do we do this? The answer is simple. The process is cruel, it's sick, it's wrong, and it's out of hand. It can't be ignored. Please make a donation today.